The 3D team builds your vision by working with you to understand your needs.  To bring your vision to life takes focus, dedication and above all communication. We are an eclectic bunch dedicated to the needs of our clients.

Monica Jones
Creative Director

Force of Nature, Visual Anarchist, Crazy Cat Lady, Giggle Addict, Storyteller

Favorite Food: Chocolate cake
Favorite Pastime: Traveling and spending time with my cats and my horse.

Become part of the 3D family and we will reach for the stars together.

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Sonya Denyse
Creative Strategist

Unusually Normal, Quirky, Insightful and Resourceful

Favorite Food : AIR - after watching "What the Health?"
Favorite Pastime: Aquacycling

"Time is the only thing we don't get back."

Justina Shaw
Social Enterprise Strategist

Bubbly, Kind, Considerate, Adventurous

Favorite Food: Palak Paneer
Favorite Pastime: watching documentaries or thriller /crime movies

"...when covered by the waters, I am: and the ebb but reveals me again."

Laurie Spens
Commercial Photographer

Positive, Energetic, Collaborative, Intuitive

Favorite Food: Pasta
Favorite Pastime: Dancing

“Your smile makes me smile.” ~Me

Leroy Mardeborough
Senior Web Developer

Chef, Caring, Compassionate, Bold

Favorite Food: Lasagna
Favorite Pastime: Doing Business

"For it is in Him that we live, and move, and have our being" -Acts 17:28

Natalia Kuzyo
Senior Graphic Designer

Loyal, Intuitive, Creative

Favorite Food Indian 
Favorite Pastime: Cooking/Traveling


"Change is the only constant"

Kimberly Hart

Steadfast, Honest, Generous, Hard-working 

Favorite Food: Pasta or Mexican
Favorite Pastime: Walking, hiking or going for a drive

"Two roads diverged in the wood and I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference."