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Category: customer loyalty
  • Client Engagement Strategies: The Personal Touch

    How often do you talk to your clients?  I bet not enough.  We live in a digital world.  Anything and everything can be done at the click of a button.  But nothing replaces the personal touch.   

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  • Client Appreciation: A Love Story

    Client Appreciation is an often overlooked customer service.  Your clients chose you.  There were likely hundreds or even thousands of other options but your company is who they have entrusted with their business.  Make certain they know how much you appreciate it.

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  • Training Your Clients – Managing Expectations

    A large part of the success of a company or organization rests in the perception of quality and service that its clients can expect.  This goes directly to your Brand Promise and is a critical component in the inherent longevity of a business.

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  • Flaky is Only Good For Biscuits

    If you’ve been in business for a while, it’s very likely that you’ve had clients ask “Can you recommend a place that…?”  When this happens, how do you handle it?  How seriously do you take this question?

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