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Archive: September 2016
  • How To Protect Your Reputation

    How long do you expect to stay in business if your customers don’t like dealing with you?  Too often good customer service is treated like an afterthought instead of a necessity.  Excellent Customer Service = Customer Loyalty and Retention.  Seems obvious enough.  For the life of me, I can’t understand why it’s such a difficult concept…

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  • How Do You Create Customer Loyalty?

    Why Do Your Customers Love You?…..Do you know what makes someone loyal to a brand? Well here’s a hint: It’s not about price.

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  • How To Choose The Location For Your Executive Portrait

    If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, your professional photo is an important piece of your overall Brand. Online bios, speaking engagements, website profiles, annual reports, they all make use of the executive portrait.

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