Monica Jones
Force of Nature, Visual Anarchist, Crazy Cat Lady, Giggle Addict, Storyteller I possess a special talent - the ability to visualize and bring to fruition our client's vision. Creative solutions to complex problems. It is here that my passion (and skill) resides. I graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Photography and Design and I started 3D in the fall of 1997. Become part of the 3D family and we will reach for the stars together.
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Leroy Mardeborough
Senior Web Developer
Leroy, a graduate of Florida A&M University, creates original and dynamic content and graphical layouts for web. LeRoy has experience in the conceptualization, design, development and deployment of web pages and interactive websites.
Tito Nandi
Lead Photographer
Tito, an award-winning photographer, graduated from FIT with an Applied Science Degree in Photography. Since that time, his images have been displayed in galleries all over the world.
Natalie Komitsky
For more than a decade, Natalie has been helping businesses and agencies exceed expectations with compelling content for a broad range of applications such as research, simplification of high-level, complex content, digital and print publications, and marketing communications.
Sonya Denyse
Project and Event Management
Sonya aligns herself with an organization’s mission, using specific skills & expertise to help achieve the company goals. She works with professionals and organizations willing to ask the questions “what if?”; “why not?” and “who says?”
Laurie Spens
With over 10 years experience, Laurie has worked with brands including PepsiCo, Avon, & Coldwell Banker. She is on hand to photograph your events, provide a timeline for your construction projects or capture that perfect executive portrait.
Natalia Kuzyo
Senior Graphic Designer
Natalia was born in Lviv, Ukraine. She began as a freelance graphic designer in 1990, and has since worked for both private and public sector companies, in the fields of package design, publishing, corporate design, web design, interactive projects, and corporate identity.
Justina Shaw
Nonprofit Social Media Manager
Justina earned a M.S. in Nonprofit Management and Leadership at Eastern University in 2010 and a B.A. in Sociology, Business and Psychology and Executive Education certificates in Strategic Management and Board Governance.
Vanesa Anaya-Aldana
Digital Media & Web Design
Trained in web design and graphic arts, Vanesa has extensive experience in practical web design and front-end and backend development. She graduated MATC with an associates degree in Interactive Media. After graduation she went on to work as a freelance designer/developer with a variety of clients, building, maintaining and developing their brands and websites. She was fortunate enough to earned “Best Design” award from Tech Cocktails for her UI design work for the application Chitter, beating out competitors like Groupon.